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Wrong file time

From: Jouni Kylä-Nikkilä
Subject: Wrong file time
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 11:20:27 +0300


My collegue has a problem with WinCVS. He has done some modifications for
several files and now when he is trying to commit files server says
" check failed". Those file which he is trying to commit has not
been modified by anyone else. The problem seems to be in file dates. All of
the files in WinCVS screen are red even if they are not modified ? What
causes this.. ? We tried to turn calendar one month back on about half of
the files turned to white as they should be. Ok.. next we noticed that when
we made changes to file and commited it the date turned exactly 4 hours
back. He's computer clock was 10:50 Am and server vas 10:50 Am but files
which he commited were 6:50 Am after WinCVS chaged timestamp to
Entries-file. This is porbably whi up-to-date check failed and all files are
red ? How we can fix this ? Where does WinCVS take time.. ?

WinCVS version is 1.2 and CVS server is running on RedHat 7.0 and version is

Thanks in advance,
     Jouni Kylä-Nikkilä

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