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A problem running cvsweb

From: Yuhe Liu
Subject: A problem running cvsweb
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 11:11:37 -0500


I just setup my web server to run cvsweb. The cgi scripts did display the
cvs trees in the
browser. However, when I clicked into a directory, for example CVSROOT, it
showed me
no file but an Emptydir with a note in the following:

NOTE: There are 15 files, but none matches the current tag () 

Here is the setup I did for cvsweb.

1. The actual repository was on a remote site. The directory where the top
residents was shared as read-only NFS to the cvsweb server. The version of
was 1.11.

2. On cvsweb server, a cvs repository was created based on the shared
read-only NFS.
I tried to make it as close to the original repository as possible. The
CVSROOT subdirectory
was copied from the original. The version of CVS was 1.10.x. I couldn't find
the same
version for the x86 solaris 8.

Any idea what's happened?

Yuhe Liu

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