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CVS on two unconnected machines

From: Matthew Pressly
Subject: CVS on two unconnected machines
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 10:29:07 -0600

Does anyone have recommendations on use of CVS on two machines that are not
physically connected, but which need access to the same repository for development?
I'm currently doing development work on two linux machines located at different sites,
and one of which the only way I can transfer data to or from it is by floppy or zip disk.
I've been treating whichever repository I make the most recent commits into as the master
and just tar'ing up the repository on that machine, putting it onto floppy, and then moving
it over to the slave machine to replace its repository.  So the master is whichever machine
I last did commits from, and changes from day to day. This works okay as long as I remember
which machine is the master at any given time, but does any one have a better way?
Would it be better to keep the repository on only one machine and just copy working
directories back and forth?
Matthew Pressly

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