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Re: Website development

From: Mark Harrison
Subject: Re: Website development
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 14:58:33 +0800

Atkinson, Chip <address@hidden> wrote:
> We need to all work out of the same directory, which is where the web server
> works out of and we can't just set up multiple web servers because it's not
> just a regular Apache or IIS setup.  
> When I check out the files for the web site they are "mine" even though they
> are in the common directory.  When a coworker makes changes and tries to
> commit the file, cvs needs my login and not my coworker's.  If I change
> CVS/Root to have my coworker's login, then he (or I as he) can commit the
> file in question.  
> The solution to the problem that occurs to me is to give everyone the same
> login, but then that seems to get in the way of logging.  Every change is
> from somedevacct or whatever.  
> Is there some other way that we can all use the same sandbox without
> resorting to a generic login?
> Here's the setup:
> CVS Server: Linux box
> CVS Clients: W-2K boxes using wincvs
> Thanks in advance,
> Chip
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Here's one approach which we use.  It doesn't answer your question
directly, but it may give you some ideas.

We generally each have our own sandbox and webserver running on our
own boxes (we usually run linux, so that part is easy).

Checkouts to the production server are done via anonymous CVS, so
that if any bad guy breaks into the box he can modify only the
checked out copies of the files.

This makes it easy to (a) detect what has changed (b) fix it and
(c) save a copy if it's particularly clever.  There's a page on
the server which will kick off a checkout cgi script.

You might be able to get some of the same effect by configuring
your linux/apache to use multi-ip based hosting, so each developer
can have a private instance of the web server and a private copy
of the files.


Mark Harrison                          AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc.
address@hidden                Beijing/Santa Clara

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