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RE: Website development

From: Atkinson, Chip
Subject: RE: Website development
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 14:04:03 -0700

Could you elaborate on this a bit?  I looked through the man page on cvs and
it looks like -d only takes a directory as an argument.  Unfortunately too,
I'm stuck with WinCVS or some other GUI thing that works under Windows for
the rest of the people who are going to use CVS.


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> Atkinson, Chip writes:
> > 
> > Is there some other way that we can all use the same sandbox without
> > resorting to a generic login?
> Always use the -d global option on the command line -- it overrides
> what's in CVS/Repository.
> -Larry Jones
> Wow, how existential can you get? -- Hobbes

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