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Re: kerberos and maccvs

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: kerberos and maccvs
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 10:30:22 -0500

chris Young wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm new to cvs, so I hope this isn't too dumb of a question...
> I'm trying to use maccvs with a repository residing on an AFS and protected 
> by kerberos. I get the following when I startup and attempt to checkout the 
> module:
> CVSROOT: Ozone/ozone-1/ozone/ (kerberos authentication)
> TCL is available, shell is enabled : help (select and press enter)
> cvs checkout -P /afs/cs/project/ozone-1/ozone (in directory 
> Tao:development:Ozone:ozone:)
> cvs checkout: Your CVSROOT is set for a kerberos access method
> cvs checkout: but your CVS executable doesn't support it
> cvs checkout: (:kserver:Ozone/ozone-1/ozone/)
> cvs [checkout aborted]: Bad CVSROOT.
> *****CVS exited normally with code 1*****
> Is it possible to get support for kerberos?

With the standard CVS, it's a compiler option, but I have no idea about any of 
the Mac ports.  Of course Mac OS X should be released next month and if they get
their compiler tools straightened out, you should be able to compile the 
standard CVS with no problems.  Of course you'll lose your GUI front end.  You 
check in case they've solved this problem.


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