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kerberos and maccvs

From: chris Young
Subject: kerberos and maccvs
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 13:39:02 -0500


I'm new to cvs, so I hope this isn't too dumb of a question...

I'm trying to use maccvs with a repository residing on an AFS and protected by kerberos. I get the following when I startup and attempt to checkout the module:

CVSROOT: Ozone/ozone-1/ozone/ (kerberos authentication)
TCL is available, shell is enabled : help (select and press enter)
cvs checkout -P /afs/cs/project/ozone-1/ozone (in directory Tao:development:Ozone:ozone:)
cvs checkout: Your CVSROOT is set for a kerberos access method
cvs checkout: but your CVS executable doesn't support it
cvs checkout: (:kserver:Ozone/ozone-1/ozone/)
cvs [checkout aborted]: Bad CVSROOT.

*****CVS exited normally with code 1*****

Is it possible to get support for kerberos?

Thanks in advance,


Christopher Yau Choy Young
Research Staff
Ozone Project, CMU Robotics Institute
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