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Re: Virus Warning

From: Tony Hoyle
Subject: Re: Virus Warning
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 22:16:41 +0000
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Brian Huddleston wrote:

That this type of virus propogates at all seems fairly conclusive evidence
that some
people aren't as bright as your average sedimentary rock.

I'm sure we're eventually going to get a warning about "New Destructive
FORMAT.EXE virus Discovered in the Wild!"

Someone recently send around the 'Honor Virus' (delete all your files and pass it on, you've probably seen it).

A director of the company, who shall remain nameless, actually emailed me worried about this new 'virus' and whether any of our systems were infected.

I had to keep a straight face when I told him it was a joke email. It wasn't easy...


"User DATA\tmh cannot be created because DATA\tmh does not exist."
Windows -- Great UI huh?


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