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Re: Virus Warning

From: Brian Huddleston
Subject: Re: Virus Warning
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 12:56:23 -0600

*sigh* Why am I responding to is way off topic in the first place.
>   a) the attachment will run is you have the preview panel open

Not for .vbs files it won't.

>   b) some people have the 'don't show file extensions for known files'
>      turned on, which means they'll only see 'AnnaKournikova.jpg' and
>      think it's an image

Of course, the extensions are shown by default, so you get plain as day

>   c) not everyone is as bright as you

That this type of virus propogates at all seems fairly conclusive evidence
that some
people aren't as bright as your average sedimentary rock.

I'm sure we're eventually going to get a warning about "New Destructive
FORMAT.EXE virus Discovered in the Wild!"

>   AMK4 (who does NOT use Outlook)

And I, for one, am so proud of you I can barely see straight.  :-)

(Who uses Outlook at work, and curiously has never fallen victim to an
e-mail virus.)

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