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Re: reserved CVS edit operation

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: Re: reserved CVS edit operation
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 10:10:56 -0500

There are patches available at SourceForge under project RCVS.

Specifically, these patches allow users to specify a "-c" flag to "cvs edit" (ie
"cvs edit -c").  Doing so will abort the edit if any of the files are being
edited.  The user can override an "edit -c" setting in ~/.cvsrc by using "cvs
edit -f".  The patches are messy in that they are incremental.  It doesn't look
like I'll have much time in the near future to clean them up.


address@hidden on 2001.02.06 05:21:11

Please respond to address@hidden

To:   address@hidden
cc:   (bcc: Noel L Yap)
Subject:  reserved CVS edit operation


Anyone knows a way to implement a CVS mechanism that limits the edit
operation in a file that is already being edit by another user. I am using
the CVS v1.11 for BSD.

Best regards.
Thanks in advance.

Rui Cordeiro

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