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filename,t and Attic

From: Cheryl Tipple
Subject: filename,t and Attic
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2001 09:16:15 -0600

Hi Larry,
THANKS for the info....

I have another problem I am trying to solve and wanted to make sure the
filename, t caused no problem to it.

In certain directories the good files are going to the Attic and the deleted
files are staying in the directory.  In other words my repository path is now
the Attic only for certain files in certain directories and in some
directories all files now have the Attic in the repository path.  Does anyone
know what I have done to cause this?
Repository revision:
should be

I tried checking it out in another area, updating and a few other things.....
Got any ideas on how to solve this one, or even what I must have done to cause

Thanks in advance for any help!!!


Larry Jones wrote:

> Cheryl Tipple writes:
> >
> > I would like to get some information on the filename with the ,t at the
> > end.  Under the CVS directory where Entries, Repository, Root files are
> > located, I now have some files with a comma t extension that have 0 data
> > in the file.  Is this some type of temp file?
> > filename,t
> >
> > Can you tell me how they got there or why and what happens if they are
> > removed?  I have tried to find information on them at various web sites,
> > but have had no luck.
> When you do a ``cvs add'', the message you give (if any) is stored in
> the ,t file.  They should get removed when you commit (or remove) the
> file.  There's no harm in removing them (other than losing the message,
> but if they're zero size, you don't have to worry about that).
> -Larry Jones


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