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CVS 1.11 for SPARC SunOS 5.7

From: Pyatt, Scott
Subject: CVS 1.11 for SPARC SunOS 5.7
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 20:39:26 -0800

My CVS server is a SPARC box running SunOS 5.7 (i.e. Solaris 7).  On it is
CVS 1.10.5.  I was interested in upgrading to CVS 1.11.  However when I
looked at the download area of (i.e.,, I only found a version built for SunOS 5.6.
Looking on the site, the latest CVS version they list is
1.10.7.  Of course I can build it myself.  However, I wanted to know if the
SunOS 5.6 version listed on works with SunOS
5.7 first.


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