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Commitinfo behaviour

From: Chris Cameron
Subject: Commitinfo behaviour
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 14:41:17 +1300

I know that commitinfo takes regular expressions to determine which script 
to run on each part of the repository.  I've always (assumed I guess) 
thought that the regex started from CVSROOT.  I've just observed behaviour 
which doesn't match this!  Can anyone tell me how this is meant to work (is 
it a bug or expected behaviour).  What I saw was:

bbb/* script1 .....
aaa/* script2 .....

In the working directory was the structure

During the commit script2 was run in aaa/ccc aaa/ddd and aaa/eee, but 
sript1 was run in aaa/ddd/bbb!

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