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Performance of CVS in CGI Perl scripts

From: Abhay Jain
Subject: Performance of CVS in CGI Perl scripts
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 15:04:43 -0700

We are executing some CVS commands in CGI Perl scripts on an iPlanet Web
The CVS repository is on a different machine than the web server, so the CVS
commands are being executed in a remote mode.
But the performance is very slow - just to add a file to repository is
taking 10-15 seconds, and this is a one line text file.
We are not doing anything special or different - just executing a bunch of
CVS commands - to setup a working repository, add a module and then add a
file to the module.

Can any one suggest any ways to improve the performance or what we should
lookout for ?
(we know that the performance is slow because of CVS and not anything else
like the web server or the , because if we remove all CVS commands,
the response is instantaneous).



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