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Re[2]: Spaces added ... and line endings in general

From: James Lyon
Subject: Re[2]: Spaces added ... and line endings in general
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 18:21:44 +0000

DHT> That was a request.  It isn't the only possible request.  Since it
DHT> is a request to change CVS, it has to be looked at globally.

Indeed ... my implication later in the message was that no such change
should be entertained. I should have made that clear at the outset in

>> This simple algorithm is *very* effective except when a "formatting"
>> <CR> is used with something following it other than an <LF>. But
>> that's logically ambiguous anyway and so you have to tell "it" what to
>> do with such situations.
DHT> Um, no, that's not logically ambiguous.  In a Unix text file,
DHT> the \r is very well defined.  If you don't know whether it's a
DHT> Unix text file or not, then you've got an ambiguity problem.

Your response identifies precisely the way in which I meant it is
logically ambiguous -- you have resolved the ambiguity by introducing
the context required to know how to interpret the characters. My point
was simply that "<CR>text<LF>" in itself can only be identified as
*either* overprinted formatting *or* two line-breaks iff you know how
to interpret it.

None of this really matters of course ... just curious musings.

DHT> that should be done on a local basis, since you can be sure of
DHT> your own file contents but not everybody else's.


DHT> (And in reply to an earlier email:  a three-l lllama is in fact
DHT> a pretty bad fire in Brooklyn.)

That was someone-else's ... I think my reply and the mail to which I
replied may have become too interwoven!

DHT> (Explanation for those who need it:  in the US, fires are often
DHT> measured in number of alarms, where a one-alarmer is a routine
DHT> fire, and a five-alarmer is catastrophic.  In the traditional
DHT> Brooklyn accent, "three-alarmer" would be pronounced much like
DHT> "three-l lama".

...but thank you for that :-)

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