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Re[4]: Spaces added ... and line endings in general

From: James Lyon
Subject: Re[4]: Spaces added ... and line endings in general
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 00:21:58 +0000

>> Indeed ... my implication later in the message was that no such change
>> should be entertained. I should have made that clear at the outset in
>> hindsight.

LS> Why not? Surely you don't want to discourage people from discussing
LS> the subject and perhaps coming up with a solution that would make
LS> *everyone* happy...

Well, it was just that I rambled on a bit and then contradicted
everything I'd said (or at least put into a different perspective <g>)
with a brief paragraph at the end.

Reminds me that I should take caare to read my emails through
carefully after writing and before sending to make sure they actually
make make sense.


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