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Re: 3 questions...

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: 3 questions...
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:30:33 -0500

Robert-Jan Elias wrote:

> "Derek R. Price" wrote:
> > address@hidden wrote:
> >
> > > 1) If you check in sources with wrong permissions (for example you
> > > forgot to set x-permissions) you have to manually chmod the file under
> > > /var/cvs. But because the file is owned by the last changer, you
> > > cannot do this from the webtool. Are there any other ways (through CVS
> > > commands) to change permissions of existing CVS resources.
> >
> > Don't knw what webtool you're using, but any developer with write access
> > to the file should be able to change the perms.
> >
> I don't think so. You have to be owner (or root) to change the permissions.

Well, that seems a little silly as the following makes you the owner if you have
write permissions to the directory:

    #! /bin/sh
    cat afile,v >afile,
    mv afile, afile,v

> > > 2) We export CVS sources to a directory for internal testing and other

[. . .]

> > Nope.  You should be able to script something using co/update instead of
> > export and accessing the admin files (preferrably through cvs status or
> > the like), though.
> >
> We are using 'update' for placing stuff in the test environment at the 
> moment, but
> we do not like this because people might be adding print statements to this 
> code
> for debug purposes. When updating you can get conflicts because of this. 
> Therefore
> we would like an exported project where people can try out stuff, but without 
> the
> possibility of this stuff ending up under CVS.

If you save the version tag, something like (and I doubt this is exact syntax) 
rdiff --brief -D"beginning of time" -rexportversion module' should report a 
list of
files for you.

> > > 3) Does anybody have experience with the combination of CVS and

[. . .]

> > If you can export the database structure in a text format, it's easy.

[. . .]

> Thanks, I think that is a very good suggestion!

You're welcome.


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