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3 questions...

From: elias
Subject: 3 questions...
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 11:49:54 -0000
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We are trying to develop a in-house CVS webtool for all our developers
and content people (we're in web development). The following problems
have arisen:

1) If you check in sources with wrong permissions (for example you
forgot to set x-permissions) you have to manually chmod the file under
/var/cvs. But because the file is owned by the last changer, you
cannot do this from the webtool. Are there any other ways (through CVS
commands) to change permissions of existing CVS resources.

2) We export CVS sources to a directory for internal testing and other
non-CVS content might be added in this stage. At some time we want to
export the newest release to the test environment, f.e. deleting no
longer used files BUT keeping the non-CVS stuff (such as .htacces
files). Is there a CVS command to clean up this export directory (that
is, remove all exported stuff from a directory without affecting other
non-CVS stuff?

3) Does anybody have experience with the combination of CVS and
databases? We would like to be able not only to retrieve older
versions of the software but also older versions of the database
structure. Any comments would be appreciated!


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