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Re: Spaces added ... and line endings in general

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Spaces added ... and line endings in general
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 10:36:24 -0500

address@hidden wrote:

> I raised a bug report in this area a while back but it did not seem to evoke
> any kind of response.
> The simplistic assumption that:
>         - "If I'm editing files on Windows I want the OLD MS-DOS
> conventions"
>         - "If I'm editing files on Unix I want Unix conventions"
> Is not really sufficient in today's world. Emacs now has MULE support so
> I can edit MS-DOS files on Unix and vice-versa the Java compilers and IDEs
> also seem happy with cross platform working. I know MOST tools in the doze
> world will mess up a Unix file (& VV) but it IS possible to do it right.

If you really wanted this, the hack would probably be either one or more
keyword expansion modes or diff/copy modes (see the section of the manual on
CVSWRAPPERS if you don't know what I'm talking about) which disabled
conversion.  I believe Larry Jones mentioned in a past post that there is some
extra work involved here since native DOS functions are being used under
Windows for getline & maybe putline that assume a DOS line ending.  You can
search for more info.

> My big problem is that the 'internal files' such as CVS/Root store
> names things like the repository name in NON-CANONICAL form so my Emacs
> session on Unix can't do CVS on shell scripts because it's looking for:
>         :pserver:address@hidden:/users/cvsroot^M
> Where-as the Emacs session on Win2000 is quite happy.
> I think that 'at least' names of entities in the CVS repository should
> be held (or at least parsed into) canonical form. These are (almost)
> opaque cookies the CVS server stores on the client system, not client data.

I've seen discussion of a patch floating around out there to do this.  I'm not
sure it's ever been officially submitted though I would certainly consider
incorporating it into CVS after some feedback come back on it.  You might
search for this topic too.


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