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Re: Spaces added ... and line endings in general

From: Graeme . Vetterlein
Subject: Re: Spaces added ... and line endings in general
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 14:42:58 -0000

I raised a bug report in this area a while back but it did not seem to evoke
any kind of response.

The simplistic assumption that:

        - "If I'm editing files on Windows I want the OLD MS-DOS
        - "If I'm editing files on Unix I want Unix conventions"

Is not really sufficient in today's world. Emacs now has MULE support so
I can edit MS-DOS files on Unix and vice-versa the Java compilers and IDEs
also seem happy with cross platform working. I know MOST tools in the doze
world will mess up a Unix file (& VV) but it IS possible to do it right.

My big problem is that the 'internal files' such as CVS/Root store
names things like the repository name in NON-CANONICAL form so my Emacs
session on Unix can't do CVS on shell scripts because it's looking for:


Where-as the Emacs session on Win2000 is quite happy.

I think that 'at least' names of entities in the CVS repository should
be held (or at least parsed into) canonical form. These are (almost)
opaque cookies the CVS server stores on the client system, not client data.



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