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Re: Trying to use WinCVS & SSH2

From: Patrick Salsbury
Subject: Re: Trying to use WinCVS & SSH2
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 18:25:50 -0800
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Still haven't heard any replies on this. Am I the only one using SSH and

On Mon, Jan 15, 2001 at 03:44:46PM -0800, Patrick Salsbury wrote:
> Hi, all. I'm brand new to the list, but have a couple of years of CVS under
> my belt. I'm trying to configure a WinCVS client (working) to connect to a
> Linux-based CVS server (working), over an SSH2 link. 
>       I can do any sort of command-line SSH2 stuff to the server just
> fine, including even a 'cvs -v' to get version info from the remote server.
> But it completely hangs when I try to use WinCVS and it issues the "cvs
> server" command. 
>       I've looked through the OpenAvenue FAQ. I've looked through the
> OpenAvenue forum. I've looked through the arvhive of *this* list on
> egroups, and found the following post that almost perfectly describes my
> current situation. What I haven't found is an answer, and there doesn't
> seem to have been one posted to Jim's note last June. 
>       Also, egroups seems to "protect" email addresses, so I can't mail
> Jim directly to find out if he learned the solution. So... here I am on the
> list, and you all get a 2nd chance to answer this one! :-)
>       A couple more notes: 
>       SSH connectivity to the CVS server works perfectly from Linux
> client to Linux server. The only problem is in getting WinCVS to *not* hang
> on "cvs server" commands. 
>       The Linux CVS server is v.10.0.6.
>       The client I'm using is WinCVS v.1.0.6 on NT 4.0 (Yes, this is
> older, but Jim tried it (below) with v.1.1b13, and had the same problem. So
> either this is long-standing bug, or we're both configuring it
> incorrectly.)
>       I have various people on my team who can connect via Linux, but I
> also have some who only have Windows access, so I need this to work before
> we can proceed. 
>       I'm using a licensed version of F-Secure SSH, and it seems to work
> with everything except "cvs server". 
>       I have just spotted the "SFSetup" program from
> and am reading through the tutorials. I
> haven't had a chance to try this. Does anyone know if it gets around this
> problem? 
>       I have already sorted out the public-key authentication, so I'm not
> prompted for passwords when issuing SSH/CVS commands from a command line.
> (This is different from Jim's posting, below.) I am still hanging at the
> same place, though.
>       Is this simply a bug with WinCVS? Is there a fix?
>       Thanks for any/all help you can provide!
> Pat
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> PS - Here's Jim's post from last June. This is pretty much exactly what I'm
> using and seeing. Right down to the error messages if I abort the little
> DOS window that pops up trying to execute "cvs server". 
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> From:   <address@hidden>
> Date: Fri Jun 23, 2000 1:14am
> Subject: My version of woes with WinCVS <-> SSH
> I have seen several messages from people trying to get WinCVS and SSH
> working together. Many of them are problems using the password server
> (pserver) or just getting SSH to authenticate correctly.  Maybe someone can
> help me with my version of WinCVS <-> SSH woes.
> I can connect from my NT 4.0 machine to a Unix system running Solaris 2.7
> using ssh2. The authentication challenge is received and passed.  Things
> run just fine.
> If I execute "cvs -d repository-directory status" directly via ssh2 the
> challenge is met, passed and cvs displays status information. So I can make
> connections via ssh2, find my repository, and run cvs on the remote Unix
> system.
> On the NT box when I use either the command line version of CVS or work
> through WinCVS, I set CVS_RSH to ssh2 and CVSROOT to
> :ext:address@hidden:repository-directory
> The authentication challenge is received (with WinCVS it is in a popped up
> DOS window) and I can enter my secure phrase. At this point everything
> stops cold. If I login to the remote Unix system I see a 'cvs server'
> process running just fine. The local client is probably waiting for a
> response from the remote server. The two are just not talking to each
> other. I've turned on whatever verbose output I could find and that did not
> tell me much more.
> On the local NT side I'm using F-Secure SSH client v4.0 in Trial mode and
> WinCVS 1.1b13. On the remote Unix side I believe it is F-Secure's SSH code
> and CVS 1.10.
> Any assistance is greatly appreciate. I've banged my head against this one
> for awhile now.
> So close and yet so far!
> Thanks,
> Jim 
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