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Trying to use WinCVS & SSH2

From: Patrick Salsbury
Subject: Trying to use WinCVS & SSH2
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 15:44:46 -0800

Hi, all. I'm brand new to the list, but have a couple of years of CVS under
my belt. I'm trying to configure a WinCVS client (working) to connect to a
Linux-based CVS server (working), over an SSH2 link. 
        I can do any sort of command-line SSH2 stuff to the server just
fine, including even a 'cvs -v' to get version info from the remote server.
But it completely hangs when I try to use WinCVS and it issues the "cvs
server" command. 

        I've looked through the OpenAvenue FAQ. I've looked through the
OpenAvenue forum. I've looked through the arvhive of *this* list on
egroups, and found the following post that almost perfectly describes my
current situation. What I haven't found is an answer, and there doesn't
seem to have been one posted to Jim's note last June. 
        Also, egroups seems to "protect" email addresses, so I can't mail
Jim directly to find out if he learned the solution. So... here I am on the
list, and you all get a 2nd chance to answer this one! :-)

        A couple more notes: 
        SSH connectivity to the CVS server works perfectly from Linux
client to Linux server. The only problem is in getting WinCVS to *not* hang
on "cvs server" commands. 
        The Linux CVS server is v.10.0.6.
        The client I'm using is WinCVS v.1.0.6 on NT 4.0 (Yes, this is
older, but Jim tried it (below) with v.1.1b13, and had the same problem. So
either this is long-standing bug, or we're both configuring it
        I have various people on my team who can connect via Linux, but I
also have some who only have Windows access, so I need this to work before
we can proceed. 
        I'm using a licensed version of F-Secure SSH, and it seems to work
with everything except "cvs server". 
        I have just spotted the "SFSetup" program from and am reading through the tutorials. I
haven't had a chance to try this. Does anyone know if it gets around this
        I have already sorted out the public-key authentication, so I'm not
prompted for passwords when issuing SSH/CVS commands from a command line.
(This is different from Jim's posting, below.) I am still hanging at the
same place, though.

        Is this simply a bug with WinCVS? Is there a fix?

        Thanks for any/all help you can provide!

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         Patrick G. Salsbury -
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     God's law prevents decryption above 1024 bytes - Exceptions? None!"

PS - Here's Jim's post from last June. This is pretty much exactly what I'm
using and seeing. Right down to the error messages if I abort the little
DOS window that pops up trying to execute "cvs server". 

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From:   <address@hidden>
Date: Fri Jun 23, 2000 1:14am
Subject: My version of woes with WinCVS <-> SSH

I have seen several messages from people trying to get WinCVS and SSH
working together. Many of them are problems using the password server
(pserver) or just getting SSH to authenticate correctly.  Maybe someone can
help me with my version of WinCVS <-> SSH woes.

I can connect from my NT 4.0 machine to a Unix system running Solaris 2.7
using ssh2. The authentication challenge is received and passed.  Things
run just fine.

If I execute "cvs -d repository-directory status" directly via ssh2 the
challenge is met, passed and cvs displays status information. So I can make
connections via ssh2, find my repository, and run cvs on the remote Unix

On the NT box when I use either the command line version of CVS or work
through WinCVS, I set CVS_RSH to ssh2 and CVSROOT to

The authentication challenge is received (with WinCVS it is in a popped up
DOS window) and I can enter my secure phrase. At this point everything
stops cold. If I login to the remote Unix system I see a 'cvs server'
process running just fine. The local client is probably waiting for a
response from the remote server. The two are just not talking to each
other. I've turned on whatever verbose output I could find and that did not
tell me much more.

On the local NT side I'm using F-Secure SSH client v4.0 in Trial mode and
WinCVS 1.1b13. On the remote Unix side I believe it is F-Secure's SSH code
and CVS 1.10.

Any assistance is greatly appreciate. I've banged my head against this one
for awhile now.

So close and yet so far!

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