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Re: My first stumper ...

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: My first stumper ...
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 15:01:50 -0500

Laine Stump wrote:

> "Derek R. Price" <address@hidden> writes:
> > That shouldn't cause the problem.  A standard update uses the revision and
> > not the date to compute the diff.  All the date comparisons going on should
> > be on the client against records of dates it set in the first place.
> And *that* causes a problem of its own in another circumstance. While
> playing with vss2cvs, I found that (on WinNT) if you do a commit,
> modify a file, then do another commit within 1 second, the commit will
> do nothing since CVS believes that the file is unmodified.
> I don't know if there's any practical way to get around this, other
> than forcing the commit with -f (that's what I did).

That happens on a lot of platforms (I think all platforms for CVS, but
I couldn't tell you more) and there's no way around it.  It's simply that the
granularity of time stamps is stored in seconds by the file and operating

The CVS test suite uses the sleep command to block for 1 second between CVS
operations when a changed time stamp is important.

If you are worried about scripting things and there are a lot of files involved,
you could operate on all of them with CVS then sleep for a second then operate
on them again, but I expect if you know the file has been altered anyhow, 'cvs
ci -f' isn't a big deal.


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I will never win an emmy.
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