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My first stumper ...

From: Matt Gregory
Subject: My first stumper ...
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 20:29:59 -0000
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I've been managing our CVS use for about 3 years now and up until 
today I've been able to figure out an explanation for every weird CVS 
behavior.  Here's what's happening:

Developer A updates file x and gets version 1.200.  However, changes 
are missing that exist in version 1.196.  Developer B also updates 
file x and gets version 1.200, but has the changes from 1.196.  
Developer B is confused, so B adds a comment to file x and commits it 
to version 1.201.  A now updates file x, and receives the 1.201 
change, but the rest are still missing.  This tells me that the 
actual problem happened in the past.  My first thought was that 
developer A had a sticky tag associated with file x, but using update 
-A didn't solve anything (and cvs status confirms that no sticky tag 
is in place).  My second thought was that developer A made some 
mistakes when resolving conflicts when updating to version 1.196, but 
if this were the case, and developer A removed some lines they 
shouldn't have and committed this file, then when developer B updated 
to version 1.197 (or >1.196), the changes from 1.196 should be gone, 
but they're not.

Can anyone think of an explanation of why this may have happened?



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