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pserver problems

From: Jason Lee
Subject: pserver problems
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 10:08:38 -0600
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When trying to log in to cvs via pserver, I get this response:

cvs [login aborted]: unrecognized auth response from <host>: Usage: cvs [cvs-options] command [command-options-and-arguments] The user exists on the target system, and I've set up the user in the password file (which I added to the CVSROOT project). That's all the direction I've been able to find in various online dox. What am I missing? Is there a good resource on confiugring/securing a CVS installation? Eventually, I'm going to need to do read only anon cvs, so anything with tips on how to do that would help. Sorry if I sound like an idiot. I'm just trying to get up to speed really quickly on this. :P Thanks a lot!

Jason Lee - Programmer/Analyst
"You can't break into a machine while it's rebooting, or hung, or happily
overwriting itself. Once Microsoft manages to eliminate those disturbing minutes of service between reboot and subsequent crash, NT will move up and claim its
rightful place atop the heap."  - Jim Hill (LT reader)

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