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Sharing files among projects

From: Jason Lee
Subject: Sharing files among projects
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 09:06:55 -0600
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Hi there. :) I'm fairly new to cvs from an admin perspective, and I've
got what I hope is a pretty easy question.  We've got a number of
headers files, etc that need to be available for building a number of
different applications. We need to be able to get all of the header files easily without resorting to multiple projects to split the headers out, etc. What I've discovered in playing with some test projects is that I can sumlink from the target project to the source project, and it seems to work fine. Make the symlink, update my working directory, and vi-ola. There's the shared file. My question is this: Is this a safe practice. Are we going to run into problems later if we follow this route? If it is a safe thing to do, what are the chances of adding this funtionality to cvs itself. If unsafe, how is this problem correctly solved? With so many larege projects, I know this has been solved... Thanks!

Jason Lee - Programmer/Analyst
The other day I didn't forward a chain letter.  You know the type.  The ones
that say that if you don't forward it, something bad will happen? Well, it's
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