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Modifying 3rd Party Code

From: Robert Longworth
Subject: Modifying 3rd Party Code
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 14:25:10 -0000

Hi All,

I've been reading this list for a while but haven't seen a solution to this
problem yet, it basically concerns merging the changes we make to some
source with the changes present in the next vendor release. This is what I
did to test the problem.

I had four identical files file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt and file4.txt in a

I imported these with the command

cvs import -m "Import of Initial Vendor Release" testapp VEND R1_0

and check them out with the command

cvs checkout -P testapp (in directory C:\)
cvs checkout: Updating testapp
U testapp/file1.txt
U testapp/file2.txt
U testapp/file3.txt
U testapp/file4.txt

all is fine so I commit them to repository:-

cvs commit -m "Commit 4 Initial Vendor Release Files" file4.txt file3.txt
file2.txt file1.txt (in directory C:\testapp\)

Now supposing we wanted to make some changes to file1.txt and file3.txt, I
checked them out, and issue the command

cvs edit file3.txt file1.txt

Add a few lines of text to the top, save them, they are shown as red
(modified) in WinCVS, I commit them and CVS tells me they are now at version

Now supposing a new vendor release comes out, but the only changes are to
files file3.txt and file4.txt (so I've covered all four combinations here;

file1.txt = modified by us, not by vendor
file2.txt = not modified by us, not by vendor
file3.txt = modified by us and by the vendor
file4.txt = modified by vendor, not by us

so I cd to the directory where these files are and;

cvs import -I ! -I CVS -m "Import of Updated Vendor Version" testapp VEND
R1_2 (in directory C:\vendor_release)

so I've only changed the release tag, the output of this command is

U testapp/file1.txt
U testapp/file2.txt
C testapp/file3.txt
U testapp/file4.txt

1 conflicts created by this import.
Use the following command to help the merge:

        cvs checkout -jVEND:yesterday -jVEND testapp

Which is what you'd expect since file3 was modified by us, and also by the
vendor. BUT when I issue that command I get

cvs checkout -jVEND:yesterday -jVEND testapp (in directory C:\)
cvs checkout: Updating testapp
cvs checkout: file testapp/file1.txt exists, but has been added in revision
cvs checkout: file testapp/file3.txt exists, but has been added in revision
U testapp/file4.txt

If I check file 3 it only contains the changes that we made and has not
merged these with the vendors changes?? What am I doing wrong? I've followed
the instructions in the CVS help file, Any help will be much appreciated. :)

I'm using WinCVS v1.1b17 and CVS v1.11

Robbie Longworth
Graduate Engineer
Datel Defence Ltd


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