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Kerneli (Crypto) on ~cvsroot/ files ?

From: mbrouillet
Subject: Kerneli (Crypto) on ~cvsroot/ files ?
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 21:12:07 -0000
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Am I futuristic ?
I would like to give access to each user to a CVS directory.
These directories under ~cvsroot/ would actually be ecrypted "kerneli"
files mounted on the loopback.

The advantage:
- I backup all relevant documents in my ~cvsroot backup
- Loss of such backup CD is totally harmless

The drawback:
- Before accessing a CVS directory, users need to mount the
corresponding file before issuing a CVS command
- It ruins most of the multiple user development that CVS offers, but
that is my problem.

Question 1) Is there any problem for CVS when a directory is "empty"
when it should contain data ? i.e. does CVS access the directory
without a user operation that access data in it ?

Question 2) Is there an easy way of prompting for a passphrase to
mount the given drive ? to make it more complicated, from a Windows
client ?

Thanks for any feedback.


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