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Re: Does remote checkout support -d ?

From: Michael Peck
Subject: Re: Does remote checkout support -d ?
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 11:30:03 -0800

I understand!  Finally!  I always thought this was a bug in cvs 1.3, and was
disapointed to find it still existing in 1.10 and 1.11.

Has anyone thought about fixing it?  It seems to me that if cvs is in server 
mode, it
will only be checking out one dir at a time, and therefore wouldn't necessarily 
to replicate the tree.  Maybe it's not that simple the way cvs is architected, 
but it
seems logical.

Larry Jones wrote:

> Michael Peck writes:
> >
> > You're saying that the -d parameter to checkout is SUPPOSED to override 
> > cvsroot
> > in c/s mode????
> No.  As you said, it's the -d global option that overrides CVSROOT, not
> the -d option of checkout.  What I'm saying is that the -d option to
> checkout can't contain subdirectories if you're running in client/server
> mode because all but the last directory must already exist and that will
> almost certainly not be true on the server.  That is, if you do:
>         cvs co -d a/b/c foo
> in local mode, then a and a/b must already exist; CVS will create a/b/c
> if it doesn't already exist and only a/b/c will have a CVS subdirectory.
> If you try that in client/server mode, the server will try to run that
> same command in its temporary directory and it will probably fail
> because a and a/b won't exist in the server's temporary directory, even
> if they do exist in your local directory.
> -Larry Jones
> Like I'm going to get any sleep NOW. -- Calvin

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