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RE: Does remote checkout support -d ?

From: Furmaniuk, Michael
Subject: RE: Does remote checkout support -d ?
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 10:43:37 -0500

  Ok, thanks for the help that makes more sense.  I can modify my checkout
scripts to make the necessary directory changes, as long as I know what I
want to do is not supported.

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Subject: Re: Does remote checkout support -d ?

Furmaniuk, Michael writes:
>   I tried that as well, thinking maybe there was a permissions problem
> somehow, I get the same error if the www directory is created or not.  If
> check the project out of the repository as it is, all the directories get
> created, including the parent.  It's only if I try to use -d with anything
> that has subdirectories, if I check out a project that only has one level
> and redirect it to a new directory name using -d it works fine.

Sorry, I misunderstood the problem.  You're correct, you can't use -d with
subdirectories when using client/server.  (This is the result of a
design decision that made perfect sense in standalone mode that had
unfortunate consequences in client/server mode.)  So, instead of:

        cvs co -d www/project1 project1/www

just do:
        (mkdir www; cd www; cvs co -d project1 project1/www)

-Larry Jones

I stand FIRM in my belief of what's right!  I REFUSE to
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