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Re: cvs [login aborted]: recv() from server cvs: EOF

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: cvs [login aborted]: recv() from server cvs: EOF
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 19:00:54 -0500

Found this on .  If the first
mail doesn't help, try following the thread links at the bottom of the page.


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Sandra Wittenbrock wrote:

> Hi,
> Suddenly, I am having trouble connecting to cvs from my computer.  From
> other computers, I can connect.  My computer is running Solaris.  I have
> CVSROOT and CVSHOME set.  The error is:
> plato: cvs login
> (Logging in to address@hidden)
> CVS password:
> cvs [login aborted]: recv() from server cvs: EOF
> I checked the archives, and saw a couple questions about the same problem,
> but no answers.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Sandra

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