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Re: cvs [server aborted]: out of memory; can not reallocate xxx bytes

From: Dave Camp
Subject: Re: cvs [server aborted]: out of memory; can not reallocate xxx bytes
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 15:22:19 -0800
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We had this problem on a BSD box here. Turns out there were some
restrictions in place on how much swap space a user program could use, and
cvs was exceeding it. Our IS guy made some changes on the machine and it
solved the problem.


on 1/9/01 2:54 PM, address@hidden at address@hidden

> One of my users complained she got this message whenever she checked out or
> updated in her module.  I found that she had committed two of her binaries;
> one was 11Mb, the other was 7Mb.  When I removed those files, the
> checkout/update worked.
> I am running cvs 1.11 pserver with "-T /tmpcvs", where /tmpcvs is a 3Gb
> filesystem.  There is 2Gb of RAM on the server, which is HP 10.20.  /tmp is
> 1.1Mb (but I hope it isn't being used).  The "xxx bytes" that can not be
> reallocated seems to be fixed depending on what file I am trying to checkout.
> For the file of size 11,456,355, xxx is 21968.  For the file of size
> 7094501, xxx is 14262.
> Funny thing is, there are larger files that I *CAN* check out without a
> problem.  What appears to be a distinguishing feature is that they only have
> a single revision in the tree (1.1).  In fact, I can checkout 1.1 of the 2
> files that gave me trouble above.
> So I'm guessing that CVS is running out of something while trying to
> reconstruct revision 1.4 (in the above example).  Is it really memory, or
> could it be temp disk space (which I was hoping would be /tmpcvs, as
> specified on the inetd.conf command line, and not /tmp)?  This might sound
> like a stupid question, but I thought I remember a problem with the size of
> the history file that also caused this message to appear.  Wait.  I seem to
> remember something about the maximum amount of memory an application is
> allowed to request.....

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