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Re: Multi-user working directories

From: Wayne_Johnson
Subject: Re: Multi-user working directories
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 09:23:26 -0600

Thank you.  Yes I do know about branches and merging branches.  How does this
solve my problem?

I need to create a set of binaries from our GA branch.  The GA branch has been
checked out and built previously (the "Official Release" files).  The question
is how do I have any person (one of our Level 3 staff) be able to update the
"official release" set of working files with the updates everyone has been
working on and then do the build.

UNIX (or in our case USS on MVS) will allow multiple people write access to
these files, but CVS (specifically pserver) will not.

Alex Holst <address@hidden> on 01/08/2001 08:56:48 PM

To:   Wayne Johnson/MINN/address@hidden
Subject:  Re: Multi-user working directories

Quoting address@hidden (address@hidden):
> We do have procedures for having people develop the fixes on private working
> files.  It's when they get to the point of releasing this fix we need to have
> one set of official code that goes to the customer.

This official code should be extracted from CVS. You may want to look at the
feature of CVS known as branches. It allows you to run parallel
developments, and merge code back into the main tree if this is required.

I strongly urge you to not use multi-user working directories, as CVS was
created to get around this very problem. If you take the time to explain the
situation on the mailing list, I know many can advise you on a better way
than working around the powers of CVS.

I prefer the dark of the night, after midnight and before four-thirty,
when it's more bare, more hollow.

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