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Re: Multi-user working directories

From: David H. Thornley
Subject: Re: Multi-user working directories
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 16:58:40 -0600

address@hidden wrote:
> We're using CVS client/server with :pserver:.
> We are about to turn our product source over to support.  Up until now, a 
> single
> person has been maintaining the "official release" working file set.  After 
> the
> transfer, we would like to have multiple people doing updates and various 
> other
> CVS functions with these "official release" set of working files.
Why?  Why have one "official release" set of working files that
everybody changes?  Is there any reason why you can't have a
copy of the files for each individual person?

CVS was designed to allow developers to work on their own copies
("sandboxes"), and so what you're trying to do runs against
one of CVS's goals, and it's no wonder you're having problems.

What I would suggest, knowing only what I do now, is to give
everybody their own copy of the files, to modify as needed,
and to maintain an official release set separately.  It is possible
to set CVS up to automatically maintain a completely up-to-date
version, if you like, or you might prefer to split official
releases into branches, or at least to tag them at a known working

If there is a problem with what I've suggested, please tell us
what it is.

David H. Thornley                          Software Engineer
at CES International, Inc.:  address@hidden or (763)-694-2556
at home: (612)-623-0552 or address@hidden or

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