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RE: cvs history -f command

From: Abhay Jain
Subject: RE: cvs history -f command
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 15:14:45 -0700

Actually I am specifying the argument for report type.
I tried:

cvs history -e -a
cvs history -x ATMG -a

all these commands with and without -f <filename> or just <filename> give
the same result.
(they display all the files matching the criteria)

I am having similar problem with the -b <str> option.  It is not recognizing
the specified string as being part of a file name or repository path (it
works for module though).

It makes me believe that somehow the filenames also need to be specified in
the "modules" file or somewhere else, otherwise they are not recognized for
string comparison purposes (-f or -b options of history). Is that true ? I
have only defined the module names in the "modules" file.


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Subject: Re: cvs history -f command

Abhay Jain writes:
> cvs history -f <filename>   ,and
> cvs history <filename>
> In both the cases, the output I am getting is not just for the <filename>
> specified, instead it is complete output. 
> It is as if it is ignoring the <filename> parameter.

It is.  The default report type is checked-out modules, which does not
include file names, so your filename is ignored.  If you ask for a type
of report that includes file names, then it will be honored.

-Larry Jones

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