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RE: Case sensitivity, and importing from Windows

From: Glew, Andy
Subject: RE: Case sensitivity, and importing from Windows
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 11:40:39 -0800

But how is someone supposed to know on an import whether the case of their
files is messed up?  Do the import, check it out somewhere, notice the error,
do a bunch of "cvs remove" commands, ...?  

Is there any way "cvs import" could check if there are similarly-named files
already in a tree?  I know everyone hates more options, but I can't think of
a workaround (other than checkout the existing project and do my own name
compare).  There isn't a "importinfo" hook, is there?  
Handle this outside of CVS.
It is a good idea for any build system to have a BOM
(Bill of Materials).  There should be a build rule that
ensures that all files in the BOM are present (with
the correct filename capitalization). Optionally, have a rule
that deletes any files that are not explicitly listed in
the BOM.
I call the latter "make cleanest".
It is pretty similar to the "make clean" that most
people know, that removes *.o, etc.,
but BOM directed "make cleanest"
cleans up a lot better than *.o type heuristics.

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