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Case sensitivity, and importing from Windows

From: HMahaffey
Subject: Case sensitivity, and importing from Windows
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 14:04:30 EST

I never had to support Windows developers before, but more of them are
joining the CVS party lately.  We have experienced case-sensitivity problems
while importing releases of their code.

What happens is the first import will contain a file named "Foo.c".  The next
import, it might be called "foo.c".  Now, in any PROPER operating system,
these are of course two different files.  But this is Windows.  The problem
is that when someone checks out the HEAD revisions on a Windows machine, they
get the infamous "move it out of the way" message on the 2nd file.

I've noticed that CVS seems to handle checkout/edit/commit very nicely with
these files.  If I accidently (or however this happens) rename "Foo.c" to
"foo.c" and then commit, CVS changes it (and the copy in my sandbox) back to
"Foo.c"!  Very cool!

But how is someone supposed to know on an import whether the case of their
files is messed up?  Do the import, check it out somewhere, notice the error,
do a bunch of "cvs remove" commands, ...?  

Is there any way "cvs import" could check if there are similarly-named files
already in a tree?  I know everyone hates more options, but I can't think of
a workaround (other than checkout the existing project and do my own name
compare).  There isn't a "importinfo" hook, is there?


:)hal mahaffey

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