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Re: Multiple developers in one work area

From: Parand T. Darugar
Subject: Re: Multiple developers in one work area
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 11:14:41 -0800

Dear Pascal,

> In  any  case, beware  of  doing  tests  using "sources"  files  being
> edited. While I edit a file, I  save it often, and most often, it's on
> the disk in  a non-compilable (non-usable) state. To  do your tests in
> your environment, all your developers should stop edit all their files
> at the same time, and will be blocked while you do the test.

  I'm a big "save often" fan also; I hit the save button
every minute or so, just out of habit. 

  In our case, there is no compile step, and breaking one
piece of the application generally doesn't break others. 
Think of a web environment where you can screw up certain
pages, but the remainder still work (that's not quite
what we have, but it's analogous).


Parand Tony Darugar

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