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Re: Multiple developers in one work area

From: Parand T. Darugar
Subject: Re: Multiple developers in one work area
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 13:13:06 -0800

Dear Eric,

> > ... multiple developers access the same directory of 
> > source code, as opposed to each having their own 
> > working area.
> It sounds as though you already understand that this is
> completely counter to the way CVS wants to work, so I won't
> belabour the point.

  Absolutely. I've read the many many documents saying
this is counter to CVS, and I'd avoid it if I could, but
I can't.

> > The reason behind this
> > is that everyone needs to use the same web server
> > for testing, and hence the same working area.
> Why must they use the same web server?  What we do is give
> everyone their own WWW server and JRun instance, both tied to
> their personal CVS sandbox (indeed, in our shop, the word
> "sandbox" has come to signify not just the CVS working directory,
> but that plus its associated server instances).

  Because the test setup is a lot more complicated than that.
To setup multiple copies of it is very difficult, and even
if we did it there would be lots of problematic side effects.

  Everything I've read suggests that doing what I want to
do is frowned upon in CVS. My choices are to go with RCS
and not get the benefits of CVS, which I'm loathe to do,
or to build a very simple file locking mechanism alongside
CVS. I'm half way through doing the latter, which will 
undoubtedly curse me to hell for breaking the CVS model.

  The idea is something like this:

- all files are read only
- to make a file writeable you lock it 
  (the equivalent of rcs co -l)
- once you're doing making changes you submit it
  (cvs commit the file, then unlock it, making it read only)

  And I think if I do the right thing with permissions and
file ownership I'll have a locking mechanism.

  A general question to the CVS gurus: it seems a central
assumption of the CVS model is that each developer can
individually build and test the project. This seems limiting.
Is this an understood limit within the model, or am I missing 
the whole idea?


Parand Tony Darugar

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