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Re: cvs scripts

From: ari gold
Subject: Re: cvs scripts
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 12:13:09 -0500

that'd be super.  i, for one, would definately find it useful and my guess
is theres one or two other who might too.

thanks a bunch, ~a

----- Original Message -----
From: "Robert Bresner" <address@hidden>
To: "ari gold" <address@hidden>
Cc: <address@hidden>
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2000 9:29 PM
Subject: Re: cvs scripts

> Howdy --
> I wrote a perl script sometime back that will format
> the output of a cvs status. It takes a bunch of +/!
> options to turn on or off the info you'd rather see
> Depending on the method of execution, it will either
> parse a 'cvs -n update' or cvs status (-F), or, it
> will compare timestamps of files against the timestamps
> reported in the CVS/Entries files (-B).
> If there's any interest, I can post it as an attachment
> to the list.
> To wit:
> ==============================================================
> >cvstat
> Sticky Tag     Status               File
>                Locally Modified     cdd.bat
>                Locally Modified     cvlog
>                Locally Modified     cvstat.bat
>                Needs Update         cvsu
>                Locally Modified     hmake.bat
>                *Needs Merge         make_release
>                Locally Modified     makelocal.bat
>                Locally Modified     mktemplate
>                Locally Modified     ophone.bat
>                Locally Modified     runolfscript
> > cvstat -h
> cvstat prints status and sticky tags from cvs.
> -r tag report deviations from this tag (Also for Blazingly Fast Mode(tm) )
> -B Blazingly Fast Mode(tm). It really is fast, ya know.
> -l do not recurse
> -t|-tt display start|finish time
>    -c      hide tags column when not showing tags
> -L display single-line file list at end for easy cut'n'paste
> -F Fast-Stat. WARNING: Does not report "needs first checkout" files
>    -q      quiet-mode. Hide warnings, only show errors.
> -o      diplay filename info only, no tags, no headers, no status.
>         -z# passed on to CVS. Sets the compression level on communications
with the server.
> -i              Ignore CVSTAT_ARGS
>         -b Do not display the branch revision when +T
> -d cvsroot set CVSROOT to something other than its current value
> -R use CVSROOT env var with -d
> -s VAR=VAL set some other cvs var to a value
> -st     sort by TAG
> -ss     sort by STATUS
> -sf sort by FILENAME
> -h         display this help message
> The following status options can be used in combinations
> ! turns off the following ...
> + turns on the following ...
>    U display up-to-date files (default: Off)
> M display locally modified files (default: On)
> A display locally added files (default: On)
> R display locally removed files (default: On)
> C    display files with conflicts (default: On)
> P display files that need patch|checkout (default: On)
> T    display sticky tag info. (default: Off)
> Q display files not in cvs repository (default: Off)
> !!      Turns off all everything. Useful first option.
> ++      Turns on everything. useful first option.
> Example useful commands:
>    cvstat +TU !ARCMP  displays only files up-to-date and the sticky tags
>    cvstat +MARC !P displays files you want to check in
>    cvstat !! +Q show only the unknown files
>    cvstat ++ !M  show everything except locally modified files
> When using -o option, only filenames are displayed (useful for shell
scripts). Beware
>   that all files matching the status options are displayed. When using -o
is a good time
>   to specify the status options.
> If sorting is turned on, the whole process takes a little longer, even
with -F
> Command line args override CVSTAT_ARGS args
> Blazingly Fast Mode only reports locally modified files. It does not check
> the repository, so cannot determine if a file is out-of-date.

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