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Re: cvs scripts

From: Richard Cobbe
Subject: Re: cvs scripts
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 08:24:40 -0600 (CST)

Lo, on Tuesday, December 12, ari gold did write:

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> good day..
> i have two question: one more specific, one more general
> more specific:

[Reformatted for 80 columns]

> you know how 'cvs status <filename>' returns a bunch of info regarding
> that file?  is there any way to get just the specific information that
> you want?  for example, i get info on 7 fields.  is there a way to just
> get info on 'Status:'?  maybe by making some sort of low level cvs system
> call? hmm..

I'm not aware of any cvs command which does this.  On a Unix system,
though, I find that, e.g.,

cvs status <filename> | grep 'Status:'

works quite nicely.  Other fields are a little bit more complex, since grep
won't select the line with the filename.  However, the output format is
straightforward enough; you could easily write a script in Your Favorite
Scripting Language (tm) to do this sort of selection.  This, of course,
gets into your general query.

I'm not aware of any such existing utilities, no, but that doesn't mean
they don't exist.  You might check out the last sections of the Fogel book
(on the web at; he spends a chapter discussing
various 3rd-party utilities which work with CVS.  I don't recall anything
like what you're asking for, but it's probably worth a look.


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