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Re: Performance

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Performance
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:32:56 -0500 (EST)

James Stauffer writes:
> What can be done to improve the performance of CVS?  Is this topic 
> already covered on some website or FAQ.  We use pserver to connect to 
> a remote RedHat machine.

I don't know of anything specifically about CVS, but it's pretty much
like any other tuning process.  First, you have to define what you mean
by "improve the performance": are you just interested in improved
response time or are you interested in reducing its system resource
usage (e.g., physical memory, swap space, disk space, etc.)?  What is it
that's slow: checkouts, checkins, etc.?  What is taking up all the time:
the client process, the server process, or the network communications? 
If the client and server machines are fast but the network connection is
slow, you may want to use the global -z option to compresses the network
traffic; if the network is fast but one or both machines are slow, you
probably don't want to use -z.  If the problem is the client or server
process or both, what is making it (or them) slow: are they not getting
enough CPU time, are they spending lots of time waiting for I/O, are
they spending lots of time paging or (heaven forbid) swapping?

For general tuning information, I recommend "System Performance Tuning"
by Mike Loukides (O'Reilly & Associates,

-Larry Jones

I take it there's no qualifying exam to be a Dad. -- Calvin

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