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RE: how to: SSH CVS Linux(server) & Win(client[s])

From: Robert Schott
Subject: RE: how to: SSH CVS Linux(server) & Win(client[s])
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 16:27:15 +0100

> > cvs:/home/validuser/.ssh/autorized_keys - I even tried a
> > 'ssh -l validuser cvs' and this worked!)
> As I understand it, the command above would attempt to log into a 
> host with
> the hostname 'cvs'.


yes this is correct. Yesterday night I successfully took the cygwin
solution to work. But there is a bad taste in there:

a) I still don't understand exactly what goes on in there (grin
   yes I have to read on... a matter of time). I have the problem
   not to know the syntactical things for tunneling.
   At the moment I fixed the environment variables but I really
   would like to know how to do it COMPLETELY at the command 
   line. That's the point.


b) The Windows ME DOS box (webdave) I used for testing purpose 
   shows a nasty thing when using ssh. 
   Because CVS uses SSH internally and cygwin SSH does
   not terminate gracefully after any CVS write cmd. The 
   communication hangs forever when it finishes. But the files
   are there when interrupting with Ctrl-C. I tried as suggested
   UsePrivilegedPort no in config file but that does not help, 

I wondered when scp'ing from client to linux host. The file was
there but I had to Ctrl-C the cmd, to get back to the DOS prompt.
Another guy told me he has some similar effects seen on a Win2k 
machine. So it seems to be a general problem.
This effect is reproduceable at this machine. Did not test it with
98/95, yet - maybe in near future.

Only clean solution seems not to use Windows world. Well, maybe in 
some days... currently it is not possible. 


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