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RE: how to: SSH CVS Linux(server) & Win(client[s])

From: Robert Schott
Subject: RE: how to: SSH CVS Linux(server) & Win(client[s])
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 10:31:43 +0100


thank you for reply.

> I don't have any documentation handy, but here's what I do to access a
> remote CVS server via ssh:
> ssh -L 2401:CVS_HOST:2401 SSH_HOST

I tried following with ssh:

ssh -l validuser -L 2401:cvs:2401 local_ip

gives back:
Secure connection to local_ip refused

local_ip is the ip address of the win ssh client
and validuser is a user on cvs (I did ssh-keygen copied resulting file to 
cvs:/home/validuser/.ssh/autorized_keys - I even tried a 
'ssh -l validuser cvs' and this worked!) 

Do you have any idea what is wrong?


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