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RE: SV: Different kind of access methods

From: Robert Schott
Subject: RE: SV: Different kind of access methods
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 00:39:05 +0100

> >
> > Doing :local: access to an nfs/smb/samba mount repository frequently
> > doesn't work reliably at all, which is why it is discouraged.
> Why is this?  In particular, what sort of problems can one encounter when
> using this sort of system?  (Is it perhaps related to the lockfiles CVS
> uses to prevent multiple people from modifying the repository at the same
> time?)

Hello Richard,

some days ago I had heavy trouble at a customer with oplocks and smb. After
some experiments we found, that following settings do prevent corruption of
one particular file (accessed by multiple clients the same time by a DOS

 strict locking = yes
 oplocks = False
 oplock break wait time = 20
 oplock contention limit = 4

Now interestingly today I played around on a different Linux box with same
parameters that has smb AND shared cvsroot on one and same machine.

I could not checkout anything from a win box. I removed that settings on
the server and all worked again.

So locking is definitively a point.



Robert Schott

security is an illusion

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