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Re: SV: Different kind of access methods

From: Richard Cobbe
Subject: Re: SV: Different kind of access methods
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 16:24:22 -0600 (CST)

Lo, on Wednesday, December 13, Larry Jones did write:

> Todd Denniston writes:
> >
> > Don't you have to be careful if someone is doing :local: access but on an
> > nfs/smb/samba mounted CVS repo?
> > (I mention this because I have seen it mentioned many times as a bad thing)
> Doing :local: access to an nfs/smb/samba mount repository frequently
> doesn't work reliably at all, which is why it is discouraged. 

Why is this?  In particular, what sort of problems can one encounter when
using this sort of system?  (Is it perhaps related to the lockfiles CVS
uses to prevent multiple people from modifying the repository at the same

I ask because this is what we currently do at work (we inherited the system
from a bunch of people who didn't really understand CVS particularly
well).  If I need to suggest another access method, I'd like to know.



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