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From: Charles de Villiers
Subject: CVS/ANT/Win2K
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 12:39:30 +0200

I am trying to execute CVS from ANT under Win2000. My problem is to make it
recognize the repository.

If I specify "-d file://Beta/address@hidden/CVS" (a UNC path)  the message is
"file://Beta/address@hidden/CVS must be an absolute pathname"

Putting :local: in front of the path doesn't help either. ANT/CVS complains
"cvs.exe checkout: missing hostname in CVSROOT:
cvs.exe [checkout aborted]: Bad CVSROOT."

I have tried various combinations of forward & backslashes as well as some
bad language, but nothing seems to work.

Can someone help me please?

Charles de Villiers
SalesBid Ltd.

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