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Re: cvs merge

From: Brett Neumeier
Subject: Re: cvs merge
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 14:08:23 -0600

Lan Barnes wrote:
> Mike Castle wrote:
> > If you need to commit and others have changed the file too, and you are
> > certain, VERY VERY CERTAIN that you don't want those changes, then rename
> > your file, cvs update, copy your renamed file over the file just checked
> > out, then commit.  THIS WILL LOSE CHANGES!
> Clarification requested: Would it be more accurate to say that
> the changes would no longer be reflected in the tip of the trunk,
> but would still be available in the previous revision? Serious
> question -- I want to be sure I understand this.

Yes; that would be more accurate.  Changes are not being lost; they 
are just being removed from the head revision.


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