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Re: Is it possible to change a branch tag name?

From: Dale Miller
Subject: Re: Is it possible to change a branch tag name?
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 13:00:26 -0600


Thank you.  The cvs admin -n command does work as desired.
(I tested it with my previous test case).

Dale Miller

Stephen Rasku wrote:

> John Dunning wrote:
> >
> >One of the folks in my group has decided he wants to change the name
> >of a branch tag, after having done some amount of changing of files
> on
> >that branch.  I'd never heard of a way to do that, and a scan of the
> >docs doesn't reveal anything that looks like a facility for doing
> >that, but I figured it was worth asking the list:  Is there a way to
> >change the name of an existing branch tag?
> >
> Yes.  Do:
>         cvs admin -nnew-branch-name:old-branch-name
>         cvs tag -d old-branch-name
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