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Re: CVSIGNORE won't ignore .conf files

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: CVSIGNORE won't ignore .conf files
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 17:42:31 -0500

Richard Ponton wrote:

> I tried using both .cvsignore and the CVSIGNORE environment variable.
> Both worked for all the other types of files I wanted to ignore (like 
> *.shtml).
> In my tree there is a conf subdirectory, with various .conf files in it.
> With *.conf in my cvsignore and even naming the files explicitly, it still 
> wouldn't ignore
> them.
> RingTFM and websearches didn't yield any clues, only messages about the 
> /root/.cvsignore problem.
> I'm on RedHat 6.2, but I'm NOT having the /root/.cvsignore problem.

CVSIGNORE only works on files that aren't already tracked by CVS.  Basically, 
that means it stops
files with type '?' from appearing during updates and commits.


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